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Basswood Blinds

Basswood Blinds

Basswood is an American term for the TILIA species of trees commonly known as ‘LIME’ in Britain and ‘Linden’ in Europe.
It is a hardwood which is common right around the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere. It has been the preferred wood for sculpture and altar pieces since the middle ages. Modern uses include musical instruments due to its acoustic and resonance qualities.

About The Wood

Basswood is relatively soft for a hardwood, it is light and has good dimensional stability,and is the most used wood in the world for quality shutters and blinds. Being light in colour with no resins, it lends itself perfectly to accepting stains of various colours. Basswood’s grain structure is very fine, not as prominent as Western Red Cedar, giving the blind a more uniform and even appearance. More scratch and dent resistant than cedar, which can be an advantage in a home with young children. These blinds never need re-painting and their smooth rich surfaces are easily cleaned with a duster, or at worst a damp cloth with mild detergent. Available in slat sizes: 50 x 3mm and 63 x 3mm Colours Available: Cedar Dark, Light Oak, Vivid White and Chalk USA

Slat Sizes:

50mm x 3mm

This is a slat size suitable for all size windows and applications. All our blinds have the more elegant and functional (easy clean) rounded edge bottom rail. The bottoms of our blinds are beautifully finished off with the ladders inserted into side drillings in the botton rail, not the “cheap” looking wrap around the bottom rail.

63mm x 3mm

This slat size has a shutter like look and is especially suitable for windows with a view. They are often used to complement plantation shutters. Narrow lift-cord holes matched with thick lift cords and double knit ladders look good and provide excellent light block-out.

Our basswood blinds are constructed using the same components as our Cedar Blinds:

  • 50 x 65 mm metal head box (Not Plastic)
  • Metal cord type tilter mechanism gear box
  • 6.2 mm square solid tilt rod – not hollow tube
  • High quality double knit polyester ladder and 2.5mm lift cord
  • Solid metal cord lock – not plastic framed
  • Round edged bottom rail – not a rebated dust catcher
  • Our timber slats have a rich coating of two base coats and one top coat of UV cured paints. We do not skimp on this coating.

Our Basswood blinds are a beautiful decoration for your house and a true value in the field of window furnishings. They add a warm and inviting look to any decor, insulate your home and are available in four colours:

  • Cedar Dark
  • Light Oak
  • Vivid White
  • Chalk USA

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